Our Artists

Terrier Rouge Teens

These are the teenage girls from the small farming community of Terrier Rouge in Northern Haiti. The teens attend St. Barthelemy on US scholarships and several have graduated. Girls graduating from school have no options to earn money for further education let alone food, clothing and shelter. There are no jobs in Terrier Rouge, and no means to seek employment in Cap-Haitien, almost an hour away. The Woven Grace Fair Trade program provides them a means of earning an income, saving money for advanced education, and pursuing their dreams.

Women's Artist Group

Flonise and Nanie live in Northern Haiti. The women work out of their homes, supporting their children or going to school. With such low employment opportunities, feeding themselves, their families or attending school would not be possible. The Woven Grace Fair Trade program is providing them an opportunity to learn new skills and the means to earn an income.